Kate Geho

Certified Massage Therapist

Kate Geho graduated from the CCBC massage program in May of 2013 and is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Maryland. During her 1,000 hour program there, she was able to spend time working with cancer and chronically ill patients at Franklin Square hospital and a few other treatment centers. She also has a Bachelor’s Degree and is a Registered Nurse. Kate has discovered a true love of pregnancy massage and birth assisting which lead her to obtaining a certification in Prenatal massage through B.A.B.Y. INC. She is also trained in relaxation, deep tissue, and myofascial massage. Kate enjoys working with and supporting her clients on their own journeys of good health. Clients would describe Kate’s work as light, refreshing, and deeply relaxing. Her myofascial and therapeutic massage skills enable her to perform detailed postural assessments and create treatment plans to give each client a session customized directly to their needs. Kate views her work with clients as a mystery, while she works on them she is consistently searching for imbalances and tension that is caught in the tissues of the body. She has a true passion for massage therapy and seeks to help everyone she works with on their own path to healing.