We can help you on your journey: Hair, skin, nails and body treatments for cancer patients and survivors

Cancer treatment takes its toll on the body and mind. Some are temporary and some become permanent. But there are effective ways to manage side effects that can help you look and feel better while on this difficult journey and beyond. At Baltimore Spa and Salon we’d like to help you take care of you. We understand that no two cancer patients are alike. Advancements in cancer research has done away with the one size fits all approach to treatment and made it possible to customize treatments based on each individual’s genetic makeup and type of cancer. How each person responds to treatment is also different and constantly evolves throughout the journey.

We offer customized services in every department for cancer patients and survivors. Every visit, not just the first one, includes time for you and a member of our staff to see what services will best fit your needs at that time. And our staff is experienced in helping cancer patients and survivors look and feel their best.

Our beautiful spa and salon can be your oasis from managing the stress of juggling your life with doctor’s appointments and treatment. Relax in our lounge before or after your treatment. Soothe tight muscles in our dry sauna or steam room.

See our list of services for a comprehensive list of how we can help you.



Hair: Custom wigs made of real human hair, styled and colored to keep you looking like you. And once your hair starts growing back it may be a different color or texture, even curly when it was previously straight. Managing your new hair can be frustrating. Let our stylists help you decide on a style that’s right for you.  Consultations Complimentary.  Prices Vary.


Lashes and Brows: Losing all or part of your eyelashes and eyebrows, like your hair, are a possibility with chemotherapy. If you haven’t lost all of your lashes, or when your natural lashes start to regrow, eyelash extensions can be a great way to keep you looking like you while your lashes are in transition. If you’ve lost all or part of your eyebrows and don’t have experience using an eyebrow pencil, our estheticians can show you how to give yourself flattering brows you’ll love, maybe even better than your natural ones.

Brows                  $20 / Includes Pencil

Eyelash Extensions      $75 – $185


Skin: Gentle, hydrating products are the basis for our skin care services. We know chemo, radiation, and medications can severely dehydrate your skin, making it fragile, sensitive to the sun, cause eczema, and even discolorations. Our Red Flower line of facial products are certified organic, and help with a variety of issues like nourishing the skin and improving blood and lymph flow without harsh chemicals. We can create a facial that’s right for you, leaving your skin hydrated and feeling great.

Red Flower Facial      $125


Nails: Just like skin, nails and cuticles can become fragile and brittle during treatment. Weakened, loose nails can be a gateway for infection, particularly for women who have had lymph nodes removed from under the arm. We focus on helping nails, cuticles and hands stay healthy, hydrated and looking their best without harsh chemicals.

Manicure  $30

Pedicure   $60


Massage and Body Treatments: One of the inevitable side effects of a cancer diagnosis is stress. Massage is a wonderful way to manage stress and take care of yourself. We incorporate aromatherapy and heat into every massage for a truly relaxing experience. Hydrating body oil massages help nourish and hydrate the skin. Body wraps detoxify the body and relax the muscles. Our Oasis mud and steam retreat gives you some much needed time for relaxation while steam opens up the pores and our selection of muds detoxifies and nourishes the skin.

Rejuvenating Massage     $110 50 minutes   80 minutes  $160

Oasis Mud Room  $85/Person