It’s Not Just a Pain in the Neck

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It’s Not Just a Pain in the Neck

Sara Robbins Page, Certified Massage Therapist

I am often asked how I ended up as a massage therapist after graduating with a degree in painting and working as a metal smith for 8 years. The truth is, I have always had a keen interest in muscles and how the body works, so when I threw out my neck and couldn’t move, I sought relief from a massage therapist. She was able to tell me about imbalances in my muscles and my body and how what I did for a living related to what I was experiencing and I was fascinated. I soon after enrolled in massage school.

For about a year I found myself frequently say, “I must have slept funny, I have a crick in my neck”. Frequently had turned into daily and what I thought was sleeping funny was actually chronic neck pain. This was the wake- up call that I needed to educate myself and take care of my body!

Are you silently suffering, or constantly saying that you slept wrong or turned your head funny? What if I told you it was from something you do repetitively every day? Constantly looking down at your phone, sitting hunched over at the computer, or carrying heavy bags. There is great news hiding here, THESE THINGS ARE FIXABLE. With the help of a massage therapist and daily stretching and awareness to posture you can find relief!

Perhaps you have nagging pain in your chest, arm, hand or upper back and massage to those areas didn’t really help. Did you know that pain in those areas can be caused by neck tension and trigger points? Our neck is made up of layers of muscles that can become very irritable. It is a tough enough job holding our head up all day but these muscles have a variety of jobs to do. They can help you lift your arms, turn your head and even help you breathe. They are vital and overworked.

Taking proactive measures to help your neck should be a priority! The massage team at Baltimore Spa and Salon are trying to make it easier for you to do just that. We are now offering a neck care package which comes with a series of either 50 min sessions or 30 min sessions geared specifically to your neck. To help with self-care, your package includes our Bucky Neck Wrap and a bottle of Bio Freeze Gel as well as some guidance with stretches or raising awareness of imbalances that can be seen by your therapist.

Let’s make getting rid of neck pain a New Year’s Resolution in 2017!

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