spa body treatment


Enjoy full body aromatic exfoliation and nourishing body wrap featuring Red Flower products followed by full body signature massage that will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. To complete your session an arctic berry cloud milk cream is applied to leave the skin replenished, protected and rich on anti-oxidizing vitamins.

Bioactive berry white peat is used as an exfoliant for the full body to restore skin’s smooth texture by removing dead skin cells and drawing out toxins. Bioactive berries offer a surge of vitamin c and powerful omega fatty acids encouraging cellular rejuvenation and increased blood flow. Hydrating arctic berry cloud milk cream completes your treatment, leaving your skin wonderfully smooth and moisturized.

Experience a rush of wellness, drawing life and replenishment from nature. Embrace the healing spirit of the icy sea, a bounty of ripe antioxidant -rich berries, fresh white peat and immune boosting wild mushrooms, powerful ions and essential oils. Deep health lies in returning to nature, feel the source that is beautiful, active and alive. The treatment consist of full body bioactive white peat exfoliation to restore skin’s smooth texture by removing dead skin cells and drawing out toxins, followed by an application of lymphatic sea masque while relaxing in a warm cocoon and enjoying invigorating scalp massage. Hydrating arctic berry cloud milk cream is applied to the full body at the end of the session.

Your session begins with our Signature Swedish massage where your tensions to melt away, then you are taken to the dry Sauna to naturally detoxify and open your pours. Once back in the treatment room, you will receive a fully body dry loofah to eliminate dead and dry cells preparing your skin for our organic Red Flower Icelandic Moonflower oil to be applied to your skin.  You are then wrapped in warmth as your skin absorbs the moisture while receiving a scalp massage. You will leave completely relaxed with healthy supple skin.

The benefits of sauna & steam rooms range from relaxation to weight loss and pain management to cleansing.

Heat has a pain relieving effect due to its ability to create more effective blood flow. Painful conditions caused by inflammation such as arthritis and fibromyalgia can be temporarily managed through heat treatments like those found in both saunas and steam rooms.

Saunas and steam rooms promote detoxification and cleansing of the skin and body. One of the ways the body flushes out toxins is by expelling sweat. The heat causes the pores to open up and when sweat starts coming out, it will flush out oil, bacteria, dirt, makeup, or any other residue that has collected in the pores. People who flush out their pores regularly will notice an improved complexion. Another cosmetic health benefit of regular sauna usage is the possibility of reducing cellulite.

In addition to the health benefits, saunas and steam rooms promote overall wellbeing; mind, body and soul. After leaving the sauna and steam lounge and resting, individuals express feeling refreshed and revitalized. People who use heat therapy regularly do not complain of feeling unwell as often as people who do not use them.

A thousand-year-old tradition that helps restore the mind, body and soul all at once. Enjoy a session in our sound and color therapy tub before or after any of our treatments. Tub treatment is infused with a blend of essential oils and/or Dead Sea salts.

Based on the traditional Turkish rasuls once reserved for kings and queens, this amazing service combines mud therapy and steam therapy in a more social spa setting, allowing you to have fun, detoxify and relax — within an unforgettable 50-minute session. You and your private party of up to 4 people begin your experience in the Oasis Lounge, where you and your guests paint yourselves from head to toe with our select warm muds and deep clays. You then step into the dark steam room where you relax for 20-30 minutes. While relaxing, you can listen to your choice of music using our iPod dock and enjoy the fiber optic lights. The steam activates the muds to purify, detoxify and hydrate the skin while the heat relaxes your muscles. After steaming, the next part of the experience incorporates sea salt, and the monsoon showers rinse off the mud. You are provided with shampoo, conditioner and body wash to finish your therapy.